Pregnancy Yoga



Yoga supports pregnant women on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation promote inner strength, trust and connection to the growing baby.

A pregnant woman’s body is in constant flux due to hormonal changes and the growing baby. The impact on the psyche and physical condition is tremendous. For this reason, it is important that pregnant women learn to adapt to the new situation and the use of inner resources and tools for the entire phase of pregnancy, birth and the time after. One of the most important tools is the breath. Deep breathing increases the ability to relax, boosts wellbeing and soothes baby’s need for safety. It’s a scientific evidence that mother’s wellbeing has a direct impact on baby. Since our everyday life is rather hectic and many people are under pressure, pregnant women included, there is a need for deep relaxation as well as mental and emotional recovery in order to keep mother and child balanced during this crucial time. Deep breathing is the best preparation for birth, no matter what kind of birth you aspire to.