Business Yoga


On request I provide advice for your company. I offer a customized program to promote efficiency and sustainable effectiveness for your company. I coach you as a leader or entire team. Corporate culture and the mental, emotional as well as physical health of staff are magisterial factors of success in an enterprise

As business leader you bear responsibility on different levels and operate as an idol for others who are not able or don’t want to take the same degree of responsibility and pressure. I am pending to support you in this challenging role and offer you possible tools and resources which you can apply in various circumstances as to stay healthy, motivated and focused. I convey you to a catalogue of indispensable values so that you can perform at your best as a leader.

In order to strengthen your teams positive enterpreneurial spirit, I work with traditional Yoga techniques and the intermediation of ethical principles from science. The combination of the two elements bears very positively on your staffs mental, psychological and physical health and performance. My ability to detect negative patterns and direct them into positive channels will lead a corporate productivity gain.

Feel free to make an appointment and discuss your requirements.